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Wednesday, 27 January 2010 00:02

BiplaneActually the Media-gallery is easy to overview, because this is still the beginning.

"3D Gallery 1" begins with some older Scenes, the eldest Image of this Gallery for shure is "Biplane", a dreamy and naiv direction Scene, which was created somehow "in between". Its Island Landscape still was done with Vue 4, the good old Landscape Renderer.


Secret IslandShortly afterwards the much more complex camping scene was buid up, also equipped with landscape by Vue 4 and its limited capabilities, compared with todays Version. After "Secret Island", a Scene, which was modelled with Anim8or, a phase came up, where i was scripting a lot, building objects and buildings with algorithms instead of modelling manually. You can see some of the results on "Pile Pyramid" und "Tempel Valley".


Temple ValleyAfter that, another free modelling-tool entered the stage, "hamapatch", helped me modelling my hangglider "Pamir" (i was flying it by the time). The Workflow for these Images now was like that: modelling the hangglider and accessories like the harness in Hamapatch, exporting the modell, importing in UVMapper to create the texturemaps, painting these in Photoshop (Elements V.1), importing in Poser 4, customizing a Poser-Figure for the Hangglider, importing the Poser-Scene into Vue 4, modelling the landscape, customizing materials, athmosphere, light and finally: render! Not all of these steps can be done within 5 minutes ... > to the 3D-Gallery

Last Updated on Friday, 26 March 2010 00:28

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Nic S
Wow! diese Fraktalzooms find ich ja schon interessant. Und sowas machst Du selber? 
Ich kenn ja coole Könner!

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