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Time for Animations! Print E-mail
Thursday, 28 January 2010 21:29

AnchorwomanTime and patience is required, if you want to build up an animated 3d- scene, in return you can realize nearly anything you can imagine. Like we can see in the cinemas since a few years.

My first animation i did 1993 on my fathers's Amiga, it was a dinosaur's skeletton from a photo with an opening and closing mouth running through the sparse digital enviroment, with no sense of photo- realism. But it was fun!

In the GallerySince that time it makes me go, there are always ideas which want to be realized as short sequences. As a matter of resoloution and komplexity of a scene it often takes hours to render a single, high quality image, it sometimes ends up in still images instead of animations.

In the gallery "Animations" you can see some of my animations, that made it into realization. Rendertimes: from a few hours till nearly a Week. Of course, there is still hope: faster computers, better software and GPU- Rendering, where the graphics processor renders the scene, that's why i think it is "Time for Animations!"


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Nic S
Wow! diese Fraktalzooms find ich ja schon interessant. Und sowas machst Du selber? 
Ich kenn ja coole Könner!

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