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3D Electric Guitar Print E-mail
Monday, 22 March 2010 23:58

3D Electric GuitarThe second somehow bigger project, where  MoI ("Moments of Inspiration"), a 3d-grafics programm was used by me, is finished! Maybe i'm going to start my own virtual band some day! Anyway, my favorite guitar seems to be a good start. Can't wait to become the bandleader of a virtual band!

3D Electric Guitar (2)

Just a few things like Keyboards, Drums, Bass, Amps, Effectracks, Mixers, Lights and of course the Bandmembers are missing yet.

The Guitar, an Ibanez Jem 555, was co-developed by Steve Vai, one of the best Guitarplayers of the World. The most noticable visible feature is its "Monkey Grip" an the neck inlay, which are somehow unusual for an electric Guitar.

3D Electric Guitar (3)

Considered unemotionally it must be admitted, that you can get a slightly higher quality Guitar for the same amount of money without the Attribute "Steve Vai", but i just couldn't resist. Working out the 3d graphics, MoI could proove its capabilities, the images were rendered in Vue 8.3D Electric Guitar (4)

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Nic S
Wow! diese Fraktalzooms find ich ja schon interessant. Und sowas machst Du selber? 
Ich kenn ja coole Könner!

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